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Top rated divorce coach for moms in the U.S.

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Client Testimonials

I was spending so much money on attorney's fees before I knew I could hire a divorce coach! I didn't have to go to my attorney with every little conflict between me and my ex spouse because I learned methods to communicate with my Narcissistic ex on my own.

Jessica J.

I was court ordered to take a high conflict co-parenting class. I took  the accelerated online class and got my certificate fast! The content was spot on, exactly what I was going through with my co-parent and Tessa taught us how to protect the kids from the conflict. 

Dan  H.

I'm a stay at home mom and my divorce  was so much work! I needed someone to help me with my parenting plan but I was so devastated and ashamed. Tessa  helped me process and overcome those feelings, kept up with my situation and  she was with me to meet each challenge as they arose. She even gave me tips for my kids transition to two houses.

Jasmine B.

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