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Best Co-parenting coach for women


I'm here to get you through the hard part. I became the coach I needed when I experienced my own high conflict Divorce...

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My Story

Tessa Noel is a certified divorce transition and recovery coach  and certified co-parenting specialist with extensive knowledge in multiple life coaching frameworks. She holds a degree from California State University of San Marcos and  has firsthand experience in the family courts of California.

Tessa found the path to her purpose as a divorce professional after she was blindsided by her own divorce and custody battle in 2017. Driven to protect her two young children from divorce related trauma, she dedicated herself to learning how to create a stable, healthy environment for her family during the period of  transition.


Her divorce trial spanned the time period of 18 months with multiple days in court. Only to be exacerbated by high conflict co-parenting issues, which were provoked by an intimidating “bulldog” attorney with scorched earth tactics. Tessa was able to navigate through her personal divorce by learning how to effectively communicate with her co-parent to directly achieve positive results. This is the experience that gave her first hand  knowledge of the support that parents need during the process of divorce or separation. Tessa’s  own successful experience gave her the passion it takes to coach parents involved in high conflict divorce. 


 Tessa  founded her practice, Kind Mama divorce coaching and has had the pleasure of working with parents from all over the country. She has made it her mission statement to embody the courage, focus and determination it took to move gracefully through her own difficult divorce, and teach other parents how to do the same.

Her practice applies solution-based coaching and principles such as, effective communication, healthy co-parenting boundaries and a commitment to moving toward peaceful resolution.

When Tessa is not working with clients, she loves to take her children sea glass hunting on the beach near her home, attend early morning stand up paddle board yoga classes with friends, and take her children on adventures around their home state of California. 


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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