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Why you should “Date Yourself” after divorce.

Date yourself and your friends before you date potential partners after your divorce.

On the Friday nights I didn’t have my kiddos I’d go to the store and buy myself a grassfed ribeye and a bottle of wine.

I would go home, put on my favorite music, light candles and cook myself dinner while dancing around the kitchen and then eat my amazing dinner and drink my amazing wine while watching the newest binge worthy show or movie. It was a heavenly break from the kids and I looked forward to it so much that when I started dating, if the company I kept wasn’t as good as spending the evening alone, I wouldn’t even bother.

If the man I was on a date with didn’t want to buy me a nice dinner, that was fine but I’d prefer to spend the evening with someone who would spoil me like I spoiled myself!

I was frequently asked (by losers) if I was “high maintenance” and the answer, when it came down to it was this. I take good care of myself. I eat real, healthy food that I cook from scratch. I workout five days a week, keep my hair, teeth, nails, eyelashes maintained and update my wardrobe frequently. I keep my house and car clean and balance a career and being an attentive loving mother.

If this sounds like “high maintenance” to you then yes, I work very hard to maintain my lifestyle. So… if you won’t even buy me tacos on the first date, most likely you don’t stand a chance… Kyle.

In my experience, lots of single men over forty who have never been married and never had children tend to view the world in a very different way than those of us who have been married and divorced.

Would you cancel a date with a single mom if you knew she hired a $20/hour sitter, paid $60 to get her hair done, $30 for a manicure and had to rearrange her work schedule? Neither would I, but these single over forty somethings… I swear! The nerve!

I legit had a man bring steaks to my house with the hopes of me cooking him dinner.

Gtfo with that shit Paul. I cook dinner 365 days a year, how ‘bout you take me to a nice restaurant and ask me how my day was?

In conclusion, you gotta Learn how to to love yourself, I mean I really love yourself, spend quality time with yourself and enjoy spending time alone. Enjoy being single and happy before you can be in a relationship and happy. Or else you’re going to settle for someone who won’t even treat you as well as you treat you.

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