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Two homes, one family. A philosophy that helps children adjust to their "New normal".

Divorce or separation can be a difficult experience for everyone involved, especially children. It is important to recognize that children of divorced parents adjust better when both parents adopt a “two home one family” philosophy. This philosophy allows the child to know that they are loved and have two homes instead of feeling like they are just visiting one parent or don’t belong at the other home.

It is important to provide children with their own bed, toys, clothes, and toiletries in each home so that they do not have to bring along all of their things whenever they go from one home to another. It should also be avoided to refer to parenting time as “visitation” since this can make the child feel like a visitor rather than returning home.

Biological parents, new partners, half-siblings and step-families should all be considered as “one family” in order to create a supportive environment for the child during this difficult period of their life. With this philosophy, everyone will work together as one unit in order to ensure that the child is supported and happy despite the circumstances surrounding the divorce or separation.

Children who live with divorced or separated parents need to feel secure and accepted no matter what their current situation may be. Adopting a “two homes one family” approach can help achieve this goal and ease the transition for children during this big change in their lives.

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